The seedling which has grown into African Insight was fostered by a series of events, starting when Anthon & Alet first met in 2015. Little did they realise at the time what this encounter would hold in store for them.

Alet was employed in a regular nine-to-five job in the leather industry which allowed her to sell top quality Brazilian cowhides and other animal skins at weekend craft markets, all in order to earn a little extra income.

Determined to spend more time together at the weekends, Anthon started helping out at the markets. Together, they made a formidable team: as their marketing skills improved and their expertise widened, so their sales increased. Soon this weekend avocation began to show signs of evolving into a truly viable business.

In August 2016, Anthon quit his job in the corporate world to pursue, full time, what was now a clear-cut goal. They started incorporating other leather products into their stock, thereby dramatically expanding their customer base.

Seven months later, Anthon & Alet were able to open a permanent retail store in Hermanus in the Western Cape, a major focal point for both domestic and international tourism. 

Today, Anthon & Alet tour the country extensively, attending trade fairs, festivals and craft markets throughout the land, sourcing goods from top leather-workers, designers and artists, determined to showcase the best of what the country has to offer.

Through a combination of persistence, conviction and diligence, Anthon & Alet’s seedling – their dream – has blossomed into a fully-grown tree: African Insight.